What We Do

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Healthy Lives

Whole Life Health Graphic

Magellan is a leading healthcare company with deep clinical expertise managing quality and cost in vital areas including: resiliency, PTSD, TBI, substance abuse, suicide prevention, pain management, cardiology, radiology, and prescription management.

Vibrant Lives

AFSC/Magellan Federal is the leading provider of “quality of life” services for service members, military families, wounded warriors, and several other federal employee groups, in areas such as family strength, parenting, education, employment, financial management, domestic violence, and caregiving.

Productive Lives

AFSC/Magellan Federal is the leading provider of training that keeps our warfighters resilient and strong—in battle, between deployments, and at home. We train on dozens of skill sets that drive resilience and performance, and offer “military grade” productivity training and tools to other federal workers.