Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are more than nice to have employee benefits—they provide proven results that support business goals. Our comprehensive EAP can help reduce absenteeism and increase productivity by giving employees effective resources for balancing work and home responsibilities, improving emotional wellness, and building resiliency in the workplace. We deliver consistent measurable results with industry-leading prevention and early intervention services. 

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Organizational Health

We support organizational health with a wide range of services including expert clinical support, available by phone, live chat or in-person, personalized training for managers, and hands-on-support during crisis - all to help employees manage stress and stay motivated.

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Care Delivery

We offer telephonic coaching, online cognitive behavioral therapy, and live chat, among other ways for busy employees to access care in a private, confidential way of their choice - all to ensure your employees can access the care they need, when and where they need it.

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Clinical Excellence

As a leader in behavioral health, we’re committed to ensuring every member receives the most appropriate, highest-quality care available. Our Clinical Centers of Excellence each focus on a specific clinical area, fueling our ability to address your organization's unique needs.

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Member Engagement

Our personalized member-centric approach leverages technology to connect with members on their terms. We proactively engage each individual and make it easy for them to access critical health and wellness information and services online and in person.

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